ABC control by Match Systems is a database with confirmed connections of specific addresses in BTC, ETH, LTC, BTH, ETC, DASH, ZEC, XRP, TRX, as well as tokens of these blockchains with high-risk activities. Each address entered in the ABC control database was added based on evidence of involvement in the implementation of the relevant activity.
via API
the client interacts with the database
with experience in the crypto industry since 2015
data collection algorithms
54 data analytics
including social engineering, machine learning algorithms and combined methods
All main 
and their tokens
50 000 adresess
are added 
to the database 
of ABC control daily
100+ million
the amount of the database of
high-risk cryptocurrency addresses
Blockchain address
Category of identified high-risk activity
Risk level at the time of adding
to the ABC control database
Screenshots with confirmation of the 
specified information
Data recipients 
(via API)
Unique sources 
of information
How it works?
Daily ABC control database
replenished with 50 000+ addresses.
Data collection is carried out both manually and with the involvement of technical solutions based on machine learning, followed by a validation check before being entered into the ABC control database.
Database interaction
ABC control is carried out by API.