Match Systems has developed a blockchain education and certification system to help people become experts in this technology. We offer courses and training programs for both beginners and experienced users, enabling them to obtain certifications that confirm their level of knowledge in this field. Our goal is to spread knowledge and help people get jobs at large blockchain companies.

Why Match Systems?

Match Systems is a company with vast practical experience in crypto security. We have formed a base of education, certification and standardization of blockchain technology in a synergy of theory and practice. Our services are developed and supported by experienced experts in the field. Our experts are united by the goal of providing unbiased and secure content to make the world of cryptocurrency risk-free.

Match Systems education helps employers and employment agencies verify their candidates knowledge of open source blockchain technology, unlike other technical fields. Match Systems allows you to certify mastery of open source blockchain technology through certification, similar to other skills such as networking, security and accounting.

We invite all individuals and companies to become part of our network and are ready to support your journey to a safer and more secure crypto-environment.

Our Certifications and Standards

Match Systems certifications are the key to gaining real-life practical knowledge in a particular field. Just like a driver's license signifies that you are safe and proficient in operating a vehicle, our certifications give you the assurance you need to use cryptocurrencies securely.

Our standards offer an in-depth understanding of the techniques and technologies implemented to safeguard companies, systems, and clients.