Compliance - this is a set of measures that protect the project from high-risk activity with its involvement
Automatic AML checks
Automatic pre-check system for all incoming assets is performed through API integration.

Manual AML checks
  • KYT - transactions risk-scoring with AML checks

  • KYC - customer onboarding

  • Data storage system implementation for transactions and counterparties

  • Retrospective analysis - Performing verification of previously dealt assets

  • Activity monitoring by an individual AML officer
Manual checks are carried out by an individual AML officer.
A specialist who safeguard the company against any potential blockages and losses.
The consequences
of Non-Compliance
Blocked funds on the exchanges

Requests from regulators

Prohibition on attracting investments

Involvement of the project and its administration 
in the criminal activities of its clients

International sanctions

Revocation of licenses or business permits

Business closure

Deprivation of liberty