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Or order an account audit for multi-accounts using our unique methodology
MAAD helps online casinos gambling platforms and other web3 projects that use crypto for deposits and withdrawals to identify malicious players and reduce the costs  associated with paying bonuses to players
Betting Fork
A situation where bets on mutually exclusive outcomes of an event will be profitable regardless of the match result.
High-rated players create new accounts and end up playing against low-rated opponents, which obviously demoralizes and harms the gaming experience of new players.
Single Teamplay
An offender sits at one table and uses multiple accounts, having more information about the cards in the game.
Сircumvention of blocks
Players who have been blocked by the service can create new accounts, which can have a negative impact on other players.
Bonus hacking
Top-5 problems
Creating multiple accounts allows players to take advantage of partner bonuses and bonuses for initial registration, in fact without increasing the player base for the service.
How are multiaccounts found today?
by IP addresses;
hardware identification numbers;
router data;
operating system fingerprints;
Today there are many services that help to bypass this system of checks!
software used by players and other...
Our approach
The search for multi-accounts is carried out by collecting complete information about addresses and transactions from blockchain networks and AML services, and then searching for multi-accounts in the data analysis block.
The data analysis block uses a uniquely developed artificial intelligence core for searching.
The scheme of the service
Tracking of all player's deposits and withdrawals
Yearly subscription with no hidden fees
per user per year
General conclusions and statistics
Graph of overlapping accounts
The audit does not depend on the blockchain used, but may affect the duration of the audit
Describe your project
Describe briefly the steps necessary to obtain a reward in you project
Provide participating accounts or transaction IDs
 in blockchain
Evidence, including suspicious transactions
List of multi-accounts
Auditing accounts