Easy to integrate API connection and easy to track the results with UI Dashboard
Or order an account audit for multi-accounts using our unique methodology
The MAAD service is designed to detect multi-accounts in various applications that process payments through different blockchains.

MAAD for:  
- Web3 projects like DeFi, GameFi, DAO
- Online casino and gambling platforms that use cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals
Artificially inflated traffic and ineffective marketing campaigns
Multi-accounts generate artificial traffic and diminish the effectiveness of marketing activities, leading to additional financial expenditures.
Loss of trust and reputation
Multi-accounts create threats of unnecessary expenses and manipulation of web3 project statistics. Conducting fake transactions can unreasonably overestimate web3 projects and mislead investors and community.
Bypassing blocks 
Users who have been blocked can create new accounts, which can have a negative impact.
Bonus hacking
Creating multiple accounts allows taking advantage of partner bonuses and bonuses for initial registration, in fact without increasing the player base for the service.
AirDrop hacking
Top-5 problems
The creation of multiple accounts allows web project participants to take advantage of free token distribution without actually increasing the active user base of the project.
How are multiaccounts found today?
by IP addresses;
hardware identification numbers;
router data;
operating system fingerprints;
Today there are many services that help to bypass this system of checks!
software used by players and other...
Our search principle
The search for multi-accounts is carried out by collecting complete information about addresses and transactions from blockchain networks and AML services, and then searching for multi-accounts in the data analysis block.
The data analysis block uses a uniquely developed artificial intelligence core for searching.
The scheme of the service
This result can be obtained through a GET request to the person https://maad.bet/api/person/{uuid}, or with callback request to you service.
After uploading the addresses, the data is collected and checked for multi-accounting. If a multi-account is detected, the Person type is set to multi-account and added Matching object:
  • blockchain_address - The address with which the two persons interacted
  • blockchain - Blockchain label
  • address_direction - Directions in which the addresses interacted
  • person_id - UUID of another person which belong to multi-account
  • deposit_address - Blockchain address used as deposit by person_id
  • heuristics - The triggered rule
Add incoming/withdrawal addresses for person with POST request to  https://maad.bet/api/address
Add Person to service by POST request https://maad.bet/api/person
In result query will create Person object with UUID field, which used for other requests.
How to use the MAAD API
Tracking of all player's deposits and withdrawals
Yearly subscription with no hidden fees
per user
General conclusions and statistics
Graph of overlapping accounts
The audit does not depend on the blockchain used, but may affect the duration of the audit
Describe your project
Describe briefly the steps necessary to obtain a reward in you project
Provide participating accounts or transaction IDs
in web 3 projects
Evidence, including suspicious transactions
List of multi-accounts
Auditing accounts