Match Systems specializes in blockchain analytics and, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and regulators of various countries, accompanies the process of returning stolen crypto assets.

The majority of Match Systems employees have a background in specialized departments of law enforcement agencies or financial regulators
investigation of world famous cases
Our experience
$72.3 m
stolen assets
45 cases
in progress totaling 
$176M damage amount
10 years
in combating cybercrime
  • Registering and verifying the victim on the platforms where the assets were seized;
  • Assisting the exchange/issuer in providing the token with a law enforcement order to transfer/re-issue assets to the affected party;
  • Transfer or reissue of assets by the exchange/issuer to the affected party.
  • Providing research to law enforcement agencies with a criminal case opening statement;
  • Assisting law enforcement in obtaining information on deposit addresses, their disposers, and asset blocking;
  • Assisting in the preparation of inquiries to VASPs and issuers;
  • Analysis of responses received and recommendations for further necessary inquiries and actions;
  • Assistance in preparation of court orders for seizure and recovery of assets in favor of the victim.
Launching a criminal case
  • Description of the full cycle of movement and dilution of stolen assets;
  • If there is a connection between OTC exchangers and VASPs, the deposit addresses to which the funds were withdrawn are specified;
  • Analyzing in order to deanonymize the villain;
  • Providing recommendations for further actions to recover stolen assets.
Carrying out the study
  • Establishing key areas of work within the case;
  • Labeling cryptocurrency addresses with analyzers;
  • Interacting with exchanges and exchangers to block funds urgently;
  • Monitoring addresses that contain stolen assets to trace them in case of movement.
Executing preliminary analysis and urgent actions
Ddigital asset recovery process